Collaboration with Sophie Steele and Shauna Grey

Swaddle is a kids clothing boutique that sells preloved goods and clothing for the little'ans and provides a space for mumma and baby activities and classes for the local community.

We were lucky enough to be given free reign with the design. So you might guess, we wanted to jam as much colour and pattern in to it as we could, without it looking too busy. The shop was a big white box, an absolute blank canvas.

From the initial consultation it was clear the shop would comprise of two main sections. One section for the shop and to display goods, The other would have a more chilled lounge feel to it and be used for mother and baby activities as well as a range of classes, so it had to have a degree of flexibility. We talked about Mid Century Shapes for the furniture and decided this was a theme to run with, She wanted them to fit in and look contemporary so we decided on some creative upcycling for these hand picked pieces.

We divided the section off with free standing units rather than creating a solid wall, the client wanted to be able to move them out on bigger class days, and move the back on big stock days. Making good use of empty wall space, we made a neat feature wall by hanging pastel coloured chairs, which added interest as well as allowing much needed extra seating for the popular baby classes. 

We continued the theme throughout the space adding a pop of colour and pattern to specially selected Mid-century Modern furniture.

One design feature we were all very excited about was using pipes and scaffolding to create shelving and clothing rails for displaying stock, behind it we wanted to create a hidden mural, with hints of pattern peeking out from behind the clothes.

We decided early on that we wanted a wall with a bit of wow, a continuous pattern wall that’d be great for showing off stock and taking images in the shop for social media. We all loved the idea of a big bold chevron and we planned on using the yellow from the scheme, but instead we decided to push the design, and hop on the ombre trend, to make it more of a talking point so we colour blended from yellow through peach, baby pink and ending in a dark dusty pink shade, all from the colour palette used throughout the shop.

The brief for Swaddle was a social enterprise shop which sells preloved baby items and clothing in a styling boutique setting and we feel we nailed it, it’s a lovely light space that’s a joy to shop in, not like a dowdy charity shop that many might expect. We feel the setting elevates the stock on sale and works to challenge peoples view on second hand items.