1. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to change the feel of a room.

2. Empty walls are boring. Murals draw the eye in and create a cool back drop for in store displays.

3. It makes a dynamic selfie background, get people instagramming and checking in with beautiful imagery linking friends and followers directly to your business.

4. Create a signature look that will make your brand stand out and become unforgettable

5. A coherent colour scheme, an interesting pattern or even minimalist simplicity when it works, it works! Making your interior a talking point that draws customers in.


Investing in a Mural Wall is Investing in Your Brand.

Branding can take your business from being run of the mill and obscure and elevate it to something that leaves a lasting impact and makes people stop and take notice. And what does that lead to? Sales, people!

Clever and creative branding can turn mundane to knock out, and that's what gets people talking, tweeting, instagramming and sharing.

Your brand shouldn't stop with the sign above your door. If it does, you're missing a trick. Everything from the colours you use, how you display your produce, the feel or vibe you're putting out, clever design features, it all plays a part in the customer experience. This is what keeps people coming back, this is what gets people excited. And when people get excited, what do they do? They tell their friends.

Our team have studied in a wide range of mediums, and we have years of professional experience under our belt. Brands trust us to deliver maximum impact, bringing their ideas and branding to life and offering our professional input, our eye for design and innovative thinking.

We think beautiful interiors should be available to everyone no matter what their budget.

To us, it’s all about the personal approach, building your empire is a very personal experience. We want to know you, what makes you tick, why you’re doing this, what’s the ethos, what you like, what you hate, it’s all important. We want to create or build on an image to make it instantly recognisable. What’s the point in going in at all if it’s half hearted.

Do you wanna be ‘every day’ or do you wanna SLAY?!