geek retreat

Collaboration with Sophie Steele and Shauna Grey

Geek Retreat provides a geeky safe haven for fans of table top games, a nice place with good coffee and good food, with a selection of free games and comics too. Who wants to be everyones cuppa tea anyway?

Well they came to the right people to help fix up their interior, out with the standard issue Ikea fittings and in with the bespoke pipe shelving and tetris boxes on the wall. This place has always had a mish mashy teenage boys bedroom kinda vibe, but that was part of the charm, so we didn't want to take away from the atmosphere of the place, just make it a bit more pulled together and coherent.

The owners were adamant they wanted to keep the yellow walls as its a strong part of their branding and makes them stand out and be memorable, so we decided to roll with it and let ourselves get creative up in this space!

The customers had 'favourite tables' and had really made the place a home from home so instead of replacing their beloved tables we decided to give 'em a facelift. The tables were taken out one by one and sprayed with tinted lacquer to match the GR colours.

We created a lounge type area within their store for people to chill  and play video games. We made a media centre using our signature pipe shelving to hold 3 TVs, 4 consoles, video games and comics. This was all made to measure to fit 3 TVs at varying heights to suit their customers gaming needs. For the lounge area we also made upholstered benches from palettes with  hidden storage inside to house more consoles and video games. Comfort, check, style, check, hidden storage, check! And a touch of class with an Ox blood Chesterfield ... classic.

Previously their stock was housed on some black bookshelves, not very eye catching or exciting so we decided to really make a focal point in the store where all of their products would really stand out. Based around the Tetris design we made modular stacking boxes from birch ply wood, lined with their brand colours of purple and yellow and arranged around a big decal with their logo, again this is used to solidify their branding and make the Geek Retreat store memorable.

Hurrah, definitely not everyones cup of tea but it sure was a fun brief to work to. And the client was thrilled with the results.